Copy of 'Parkfield' Passenger List


Arrived Port Leschenault (Australind) 19 March 1841

Cabin Passengers

MW Clifton, Chief Commissioner

Mrs Elinor Clifton

Miss Louisa Clifton

Miss Ellen Clifton

Miss Marg. Clifton

Miss Lucy Clifton

Miss Rachel Clifton

Miss Caroline Clifton

Master Gervase Clifton

Master Chas. H Clifton

Master L Worsley Clifton

Miss Eliz. Spencer, governess

Mr Robert W Clifton, Sec

Mrs Christina G Clifton

Dr Arthur Carpenter, Medical Officer

Mrs Annette Gaudin

Mr George Smith, settler

Mr Valentine Smith, settler

Mr Charles de L. Bedingfeld

Mr Eldred Bedingfeld

Mr W P Clifton, settler & land agent

Mr George Plowes, settler & land agent

Mr John Gibson, settler & land agent

Mr Gordon Hamilton, settler

Mr Dacres Williams, settler

Mrs Williams, settler

Intermediate Passengers

Mr Lewis Birch, settler

Mrs Hannah Birch

Lewis Birch

Arthur Birch

William Birch

Edmond Birch

Jane Birch

Henry Birch

Somers Birch

Vernon Birch

Single Men

William Paradise, agric. labourer

Thos. Reynolds, oven builder

John Mawson, farmers labourer

Wm. Usher, shoemaker

John Morgan, carpenter & joiner

James Henry Westwood, carpenter & joiner

John Shinnick, smith's apprentice

John Hoskin, tinman, blacksmith

Robert Hooper, labourer

William Hooper, labourer

Samuel Hough, labourer

Charles B Penny, sawyer, brewer

James Hough, labourer

William Henry Absolon, tailor

Thomas Ashford, shoemaker

Robert Payne, baker

Charles Miller, wheelwright

James Letts, tailor

William Brown, labourer

Robert Hooper, labourer

Samuel Hosier, labourer, gardener

Charles Clewlow, labourer

John Rand, plumber, glazier

Married Men

George Lilley, Baker

Charles Properjohn, butcher, painter

Joseph Hough, agric. labourer

Hugh R Barklay, turner

George Payne, carpenter & joiner

Samuel Rose, agric. labourer

John Stellard, general labourer

Ephraim Clark, builder

John Whitely, mechl. labourer

Married Women

Eliza Lilley

Elizabeth Properjohn

Elizabeth Hough

Jane Barklay

Julia Payne

Mary Rose

Anna Stellard

Sarah P Clark

Sarah Whitely

Single Women and Widows

Louisa Lambe, farm servant

Catherine Shinnick, seamstress

Maria Feast, widow

Mary Whitely, domestic servant

Mother of two Shinnicks, labourers

Children of the Above

Males Above 7

Charles Properjohn

Frederick Hawkins

Males Under 7

Samuel Rose

William Clark

Arthur Clark

Joseph Hough

George Payne

Female Children

Anna Properjohn

Sarah Clark

Mary Hough


23 Single men

9 Married Men

9 Married Women

4 Single Women

45 in total

7 Male children

3 Female Children

10 in total


The list is compiled from 'The History of the Harvey District' written by AC Staples in 1950. For Officers of the Establishment: Commissioner's Letter Book No. 1, page 79

For Immigrants: CSO Records 1841 - 57, WA land Co. Report 19:4:1841

NB If you require more information on these passengers please contact Harvey History Online.


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